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End to End Interior Design solutions in Udupi Manipal
Creating inspired and thoughtful concepts.
With a style that’s unrestrained yet very refined, we design & execute homes and commercial spaces that are the visual stories of the people living or working there.

We Take Up


Interior design and execution


Commercial Interior designs and execution


Façade & fenestration design and execution


Project Management Consultancy


Cost Consultancy.

End to End Interior solutions

We are a young, creative, and energetic Turnkey Interior company. At Blue Ribbon Designs each project is carefully curated to compliment the architecture of the space and the client’s individual, unique style so that no two projects are ever the same. We pride ourselves on our loyal client base in Udupi - Manipal who have stayed with us throughout each transition, venture, and idea as we carry it out into fruition.

Aim to Provide Best Solution

Our aim is to provide our clients with a personalized and customized design that goes beyond their imagination. With standard execution, quality control practices and expert project management methods, we strive to the deliver the projects within our Client’s budget with quality beyond their expectation and accepted timelines

Driven by Energy & Creativity

Blue Ribbon Designs is driven by the principles of creativity, originality, consideration and enthusiasm. We have a fearless attitude and approach towards Our work. We always have an unquenchable thirst for what is new, interesting, exciting and creative.

Your Dream, Our passion

Crafting visual stories that become signature surrounding.

Blue Ribbon designs, we understand our role in making your space feel truly special. It is a role that celebrates the architect’s design and exceeds a client’s expectations. Through passion, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of perfection we ensure every project we work on is a beautiful one.

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Our Assurance to you,

  • All Material used will be as per the agreement or from a reputable brand.
  • Standard workmanship practices will be adopted.
  • Expert project management techniques will practiced to curb time and cost overruns
  • All recommendations and consultations provided by us will be upkeeping your best interests.

What out Client’s say about our Interior Design Services

  • Adersh Mustafa
    Adersh Mustafa, Quality Assurance Director, Technopark

    Promises well kept. Its a great pleasure to be associated John Constructions, one of the main reason I chose to go with them is the quality they deliver their products with a committed time. I have never ever faced any problem in communicating with your team, as the team has done a tremendous job for keep updating me on every stage of construction and developments. I take this opportunity to Thank you all, for delivering the best product. Looking forward to strengthen the relation future as well

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  • Sreeraj and Lidia
    Sreeraj and Lidia, Architects

    Exceeds our expectations. A fantastic builder with a reputation for being transparent and customer friendly. Approachable 24X7, they have a dedicated team for every department to ensure that quality is uncompromised. For John Construction, it’s not merely a contract or sale but a relation, in which they ensure that they address any issue we may face at any point of time. I would definitely recommend John Construction to all property buyers and vouch for the fact that John Construction is a builder you can trust.

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